Waking the Giant, the dynamic world beneath our feet. - 7 weeks
S 2020


The ground beneath our feet may seem safe and solid but earthquakes, volcanic blasts and other hazardous natural phenomena leave no doubt that this isn't the case.  The earth is a dynamic planet of shifting tectonic plates that is responsive to change, particularly when there is a dynamic climate transition.  Over the past 20,000 years, the earth has undergone an astonishing transformation from  frigid wasteland to the temperate world upon which our civilization has grown and thrived.  The disturbing fact is that there are clear signs that human-induced climate change is awakening the slumbering giant on which we live.

 The core book is delightful, easy to read and wonderfully informative.

Weekly Topics

1.  The Storm after the Calm.  Formation of the planet, early life, the K-T mass extinction. Chicxulub crater impact

2.  Once and Future Climate.  Cenozoic era, roller-coaster climate, new organisms 

3.  Nice Day for an Eruption. Mid-Atlantic Ridge (Iceland volcanos 2010), 1783 Grimsvotn, Tambora (1815), Pavlof (Alaska), Monsterrat. impact on climate, Is there such a thing as an "earthquake season?"

4.  Bouncing back (de-glaciation).  Relationship between water and earthquakes.  Resounding lithosphere.  Basel, Switzerland (1356), New Madrid (1811), Charleston, SC (1886)

5.  The Earth in Motion.  Volcanos and volcanic collapses: Mt. Etna, Canary Islands, Mt. St. Helens, Hawaii, Krakatoa 

6.  Climate connection.  Sea level and temperature changes.  why are there more collapses when temperature is high?

7.  Triggers :  Slow cracking, collapsing volcanos, tsunamis, rising global temperatures, masses of loose debris.  Landslides caused by water   Italy: Vajont Dam (Mt. Toc). Man-made causes?:  




"Waking the Giant", by Bill McGuire