Study Discussion Groups (SDGs)

Our Courses: Study Discussion Groups (SDGs)


The PLATO Society of Los Angeles offers 75 member-created and member-led Study Discussion Groups (SDGs) each year, divided into three 14-week terms.  Topics include subjects from art, literature, science, history, political science, music, psychology, architecture, current affairs, and many other fields.  Some members select SDGs on topics they have never studied previously, while others choose groups where they can deepen their knowledge of familiar subjects.


Each SDG may be of 14, 10 or 7 weeks in length with each session being two hours in duration once a week.  SDGs are scheduled Monday through Friday either at 10 AM – noon or at 1 PM – 3 PM at our facility in Westwood Village.


Each week, one SDG member takes responsibility for leading the discussion. SDG participants read and research each week prior to the discussion session and then share their knowledge in lively discussions during the SDG session.  There are no exams or papers to be written.  We study and discuss in a way similar to graduate seminars. Our discussions are lively and, most of all, fun. 

Our meeting rooms are wired to provide hearing assistance so that all of our members can fully participate in our Study Discussion Groups.

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