Learning for a Lifetime

Founded in 1980, the PLATO Society of Los Angeles is a dynamic community of more than 400 adults from diverse academic, professional and business backgrounds, participating in classes and activities in Westwood Village on the west-side of Los Angeles, CA.

Our Members

  • Share a passion for learning
  • Are motivated by curiosity and an intense interest in the world of ideas
  • Enjoy participating in active, informed, collegial discussions
  • Share their talents, skills and expertise to keep our organization strong

Peer Learning

PLATO offers a collaborative environment in which to explore subjects of interest. Members themselves plan and participate in around 75 member-led discussion groups each year.  Like our namesake, we learn and teach through interactive dialogue, providing an educational opportunity like no other.


Our mission is to provide a diverse population of active, intellectually curious adults from various career paths with opportunities to learn in Study Discussion Groups, colloquia, lectures, travel, cultural events and social activities. 


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